1. Customer Registration
1.1. Before placing an order it is required to register as a customer at Greenhappystone.com. When placing the first order the customer needs to:
a) register as a customer at Greenhappystone.com customer register by filling in all the necessary personal information such as name and address.
b) agree, that Greenhappystone.com registers personal information to the customer register. All customer personal information is kept confidential and Greenhappystone.com will never distribute this information to any third parties.
1.2. Customers must be over 18 years of age.
1.3. Customer should be cautious and careful when using webstore.

2. Payment terms
Payment will be processed using SSL secured internet connection for maximum security and privacy.
2.1. Payment can be made using the following methods:
b) Credit card. Credit card payments are processed through Mollie or PayPal. Greenhappystone.com will never register customers credit card details.

3. Prices
3.1. The current price is the price which is visible in Greenhappystone.com website. Current price is visible in EUR.Greenhappystone.com reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice.
3.2. Shipping fees are added to the order total price. Shipping fees are calculated based on the total weight of the ordered products - for more information about shipping please visit our Delivery page.

4. Shipping
4.1. If the ordered product is in our warehouse, then the estimated delivery time is between three and five (3 - 5) working days.
4.2. If the customer requires the products to be delivered by a certain date, then customer must inform Greenhappystone.com about this requirement separately for instance when placing the order. We will always do our best to satisfy our customers needs.
4.3. If customer purchases products for which Greenhappystone.com has indicated different estimated delivery times then the delivery will be made using the longest estimated delivery time.
4.4. Greenhappystone.com delivers products only within EU. All product deliveries are made using postal services unless customer and Greenhappystone.com agree otherwise.

5. Binding Contract
5.1. All communication between the customer and Greenhappystone.com is done by e-mail or post. After placing an order the order confirmation is sent by e-mail to the customers e-mail address.
5.2. Binding contract is in place, as soon as Greenhappystone.com has sent the order confirmation by e-mail to the customer.
5.3. The customer has the right to cancel the order before the ordered products have been shipped. The cancellation must be done by e-mail.
5.4. After customer has placed the order, Greenhappystone.com has no right to change the contract conditions.

6. Product returns
6.1. Customer has the right to return any unused products within fourteen (14) days of the product delivery date. The product and packing must be in the same condition as it was delivered to the customer.
6.2. Customer must notify Greenhappystone.com about any product returns by e-mail BEFORE returning the product. Products must be returned to address: Greenhappystone.com, Funenpark 544, 1018AK Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

7. Damaged products
7.1. In case the products have been damaged during shipping, customer has the right to receive new products. When picking up the shipment, please check the condition of the product and notify the delivery company and Greenhappystone.com immediately if the product is damaged. After registering the damage at the delivery company, please contact Greenhappystone.com customer service in order to receive new products.

8. Reclamations
8.1. In case that customer received wrong product or that the delivered product is damaged, customer must inform Greenhappystone.com immediately. Customer should contactGreenhappystone.com by sending an e-mail to info@greenhappystone.com. Wrong delivery must be returned according to the instructions from Greenhappystone.com (section 6). Product can be returned after informing Greenhappystone.com about the reclamation. Greenhappystone.com will refund the purchase price to the customer after receiving the returned product.

9. Force majeure
9.1. Greenhappystone.com does not accept responsibility if the delivery of the products is not possible or is delayed because of unforeseeable problems which Greenhappystone.com has no control of. Unforeseeable problems can be war, natural catastrophe, import / export regulations, etc problems over which Greenhappystone.com has no control.

10. Disputes
10.1. All disputes will be handled according to Dutch law.

11. Contact Details
11.1. Greenhappystone.com, Funenpark 544, 1018AK Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

12. Products
12.1. Our products are not suitable for children under three (3) years of age.
12.2. The color of the beads, jewellery and sold materials may change over time due to skin PH levels. Silver products may darken over the time due to moisture. Greenhappystone.com does no accept responsibility for color changes that occur over the time.